Launch Party: LAHAR Berlin zine

I’m excited to have a piece included in the Gravity zine by LAHAR. If you’re in Berlin check it out. They’re going to have an awesome launch party tomorrow, December 9th, 2017.

Issue #1 contains work by: 
Ann-Kathrin Neureuther, Christine Seifert, Franz Bazin, Giovanni Luca Molinari, Ildiko Nova, John Gardner, Laura Villedieu, Lucas Alameda, Michael Basso, Miguel Thomé, Oisin Kan, Paul Battenberg-Cartwright, Stefano Grisenti, Tassia Kleine, TVS – The Volunteer Sessions, Winston Plowes, Women Killing Men. 

New Gallery Representation: UGallery

I am thrilled to be selected to join UGallery as one of their new artists. I currently have about 15 works for sale listed on their site and have already sold one piece! They are excellent to work with and I look forward to seeing how this new relationship develops.