Just Add Water: Promo image for fundraising event “Just Add Water” Image was used for website, print media and social media to build awareness.
-DSLR Camera
*I developed the concept, branding and outreach strategy for this project. I worked with an excellent team to reach artists from all over the country. The result was over 200 submissions from artists across the country for the exhibition and fundraiser.

Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors: Poster design.
-Photoshop and Illustrator
-artwork credit: Catherine P. O’Neill

Northeast National Pastel Exhibition: Website and print ad
-Photoshop and InDesign
-artwork credit: Patricia Tribastone

In Starlight: Solo exhibition post card design (front)
-Photoshop and analogue collage

Grey Fox Felting: WordPress website project with e-commerce capability.
-Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, DSLR Camera.
Click here to see full site.

Evergreen: packaging project.
-Logo, text and image built in Illustrator
-Branding packaging

Animal Party: T-Shirt Design
-Hand drawn and finalized in Illustrator
-artwork credit: Jessica Gardner

In-Sight Photography: Brand image for In-Sight Photography
-Light painting with DSLR camera post editing using photoshop

Web Banner for In-Sight Photography

In Strange Daylight: Book Cover for Poetry Book
-Analogue Collage and Photoshop

Doubly Mad: Book cover
-Analogue Collage and Photoshop